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Zander Labs improves human-computer interaction. How? By unlocking the subconscious brain to generate truly intelligent, uniquely human Al. Zander Labs’ passive BCI research and technology provide insight into human predictive coding: the brain’s always-ongoing evaluation of the input it receives. Zander Labs’ SAMANAI taps into the relevant processes and uses them as an effortless, automated judgement or evaluation function, generating a great tool for personalized human-computer interaction and humanized Al; even for transferring moral values from a human to technology.

The heart of the brain

The heart of the brain

Since 2005, Zander Labs has worked on better understanding—and using—the human brain. Our subject- and task-independent ‘state of mind classifiers’ can detect error, surprise, workload, and relaxation. This allows us to track changes in the operator's state of mind as they occur, allowing right-time optimization of ongoing human-computer interaction. The heart of Zander Labs’ R&D is the capability to quickly design and deploy effective and efficient neuroadaptive paradigms that are scalable to outside lab applications.

Pioneer in neuroscience

Zander Labs is led by Prof. Dr. Thorsten O. Zander. A respected pioneer in the field of neuroadaptive human-computer interaction and the inventor of the concept of passive brain-computer interfaces. Together with his multidisciplinary team of experts he is dedicated to deciphering the details of our daily interaction with all forms of technology.

Pioneer in neuroadaptive technology
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A Passive Brain-Computer Interface system can read and interpret the spontaneous, always-ongoing brain activity of humans. This brain activity reflects aspects of naturally present cognitive and affective mental states—even those the human may not be consciously aware of. The system takes this unique context-sensitive interpretation of the users’ state as implicit input, enabling it to adapt to changing circumstances and provide personalized support to users. In addition, it improves the efficiency, effectiveness, safety, and user experience of systems.

Organizations that embrace the potential of passive BCI today and look for intelligent Al development will continue to lead the way tomorrow. The Zander Labs consultancy group is ready to support your next innovation. Some of our much-appreciated references: Airbus, TNO, Altran-Capgemini, Volkswagen, Microsoft TLAB, US Air Force Research, US Army Research Laboratories, Siemens, Bosch. Some of our key partners: Brain Products GmbH.

No-brainer for industry shapers

  • Monitor


    The brain is never silent. Using passive BCI, brain activity can be continuously monitored and interpreted as reflecting different mental states.

  • Interaction

    With a thorough understanding of what circumstances induce what mental states in a particular user, passive BCI-enabled systems can automatically adapt to this user’s specific mental states. The user does not have to consciously communicate anything: their brain communicates for them.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence

    An intelligent system can leverage access to human mental states in different ways, using the human brain’s intelligence to increase its own. All of the human’s experience and intuition can be used as a sensor for the system.

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