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About us

Zander Labs invented the concept of passive brain-computer interfacing (passive BCI). This idea of directly connecting the human mind to technology allows us to realize our mission: to make machine interaction more human.

Neuro-enabling technology

We focus on producing classifiers (“mental state detectors”) and software tools that enable you to use BCI technology for your own needs. With 15+ years of R&D, we specialize in universal “plug-and-play” detectors (that are task-, subject-, and/or headset-independent) for the identification of workload, error, surprise, relaxation, and more.

Our advanced ready- or custom-made BCI calibration paradigms minimize the time needed to start using mental state assessments both in- and outside the lab.

Groundbreaking R&D continues. Our patent pending SAMANAI (Situationally Aware Mental Assessment for Neuroadaptive AI) technology unites human intelligence with AI, allowing a wide variety of applications to fully use the combined power of human and machine. Think about how your next product can automatically respond to its user’s immediate mental state or long-term personal values. 


Advanced EEG and (bio-)sensors

Zander Labs continues to improve the usability of EEG sensors to obtain high-quality measurements of brain activity in real-world applications and laboratory experiments.

Application-specific EEG hardware solutions, combined with additional (bio-)sensors, allow the required mental states to be monitored with maximum comfort. This allows us to integrate our technology with custom hardware requirements, including VR/AR setups.

Interdisciplinary expertise

Zander Labs’ multi-disciplinary team of passionate professionals combines neuro-skills with practical engineering solutions and sparce data AI modeling. We are excited to provide you with the experience, tools, and training needed to build your own neuro-product. Our robust neuro-enabling technology can deliver value to a great range of applications, including cyber security, human performance, autonomous driving, gaming, and health & wellness, making passive BCI available for everyday life and work.

Zander Labs is an industry member of the Society for Neuroadaptive Technology.

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